Bibelkurs i Gamla Testamentet (på engelska)



Bibelkurs i Gamla Testamentet (på engelska)


Bible course: The Old Testament Survey – Putting Together the Puzzle of the Old Testament

Taught by Sarah Bedi – In English!

Goals and content
1. Grow as a disciple of Jesus by deepening your understanding of the Word of God.
2. Uderstand God’s heart and grow in allowing the Holy Spirit to align your heart with His.
3. Gain a tangible, simple understanding of the entire Old Testament

This course will look at the Old Testament broken down into eight eras. There is a focus on God’s heart for all peoples as well as the redemptive thread pointing to Christ from the beginning. Students will be encouraged to engage the Bible in different ways between classes, but are able to show up and absorb all that is possible during the time together. You do not need to know anything about the Bible to come. It can be a great first for someone opening the Bible for the first time as well as a great step for growing in knowledge of the entire Bible for those that are more familiar with the Scriptures. Each era will provide a simple overview that is to remember as well as a character study focusing on the character God is building in all his disciples.

There will be the opportunity to see the relevance and the kingdom truths’ we want to apply to our lives. Each lesson we will think of the big picture as well as getting down into the details. Let the Old Testament be a puzzle no longer!

Times and dates
10 Tuesdays 5 February – 9 April. 18.00-20.00.
Coffee and tea will be served 18.00. Bring your own sandwich or food!

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